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NCASE 2006 ARCHIVES:  This event is over, but we are maintaining this archive of the conference web pages for reference purposes.  Please see www.ncase.info for information on our current or next NCASE conference!

Aviation and Space Education Awards 
and Nomination Information

Awards nominations are your opportunity to tell the world about someone you know who has done exceptional work in aviation and space education! 

Earlier this year many individuals in the aerospace and educational community read through the nomination materials, downloaded the forms, sent in the information, and now enjoy knowing that they have honored worthy candidates!  Here are this year's award winners, to be acknowledged during NCASE:

Dr. Mervin K. Strickler, Jr. Aviation Education Leadership Award
Presented by the National Coalition for Aviation Education

Saturday, October 21  Brewer Luncheon, Salon 1 & 2

Dr. John H. Campbell has been selected for the 2006 Dr. Mervin K. Strickler, Jr. Aerospace Education Leadership Award in recognition of his outstanding achievement in the field of aviation education.

Dr. Campbell has a distinguished career as a physicist and an educator, with a genuine dedication to aviation education, especially focused on soaring. For over two decades he combined his career and love of aviation into the classroom and airports as a college professor and flight instructor.

He is active in many organizations which promote aviation and make these resources accessible to youth.

Since 1993, he has chaired the Youth Committee of the Soaring Society of America, Inc (SSA) and led the organization to become one of the premier organizations in the world facilitating and promoting soaring aviation to youth.

Dr. Campbell sees the importance of collaborating with other organization that share common aerospace education goals. He initiated the SSA-Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) partnership on the Young Eagles programs. He was a participant in creating the SSA-Civil Air Patrol (CAP) joint glider program Memo of Agreement. Dr. Campbell works extensively to promote aviation and make resources available to youth.

The Dr. Mervin K. Strickler, Jr. Aerospace Education Leadership Award, established in 1995, honors Dr. Strickler, the ‘Father of Aviation Education’, whose significant contributions to education span more than fifty years. The award is given to recognize individuals who share his personal commitment and have made lifetime personal commitments to aviation education.

The National Coalition for Aviation and Space Education represents government, industry, and aviation special interest groups united to promote aviation education activities and resources; to increase public understanding of the importance of aviation; and to support education l initiatives at the local, state, and national levels.

Frank G. Brewer Trophy for Aerospace Education
Presented by the National Aeronautic Association

Air and Space Museum Docents Take Brewer Trophy

NAA is announcing that the Docent Corps of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum have been awarded the 2005 Frank G. Brewer Trophy.

The Trophy is awarded annually to an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization for significant contributions of enduring value to aerospace education in the United States.

A particular mission of the all-volunteer group is to conduct tours and hands-on educational programs for visitors of all ages. They now provide similar services to visitors at the museum’s new Udvar-Hazy Center near Washington, D.C.’s Dulles Airport.

The National Air and Space Museum is the most visited museum in the world with more than 250 million visitors entering its doors since opening in July, 1976. In the museum’s mission to “commemorate, educate and inspire,” the Docent Corps is an invaluable asset in reaching, educating and inspiring the millions of Americans who visit the museum annually—teaching them about America’s heritage and encouraging them to learn more about the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics key to our nation’s legacy of successes in aviation and space exploration.

According to Museum Director General Jack Dailey, the Docent Corps “has helped inspire generations of scientists, engineers, astronauts, and citizens…”

Dailey credits the group as “a major component of the museum’s educational programming and outreach, and continued success.”

The National Aeronautic Association is proud to present the Brewer Trophy to the Docent Corps of the National Air and Space Museum.

Crown Circle and Crossfield Awards

Crown Circle – Crossfield Awards Banquet  Friday, October 20th  Salon A, B, C

Crown Circle for Aerospace Education Leadership

Established in 1979, this award recognizes performance of outstanding leadership in aerospace education. Crown Circle recipients can be proud of having received one of the highest awards in aerospace education.

Those seeking this honor must demonstrate involvement in and commitment to aerospace education as a local, national, or international leader in aerospace education with performance over an extended term and of great quality. Induction may also be the result of exceptionally unique or extraordinarily outstanding achievement or contributions in aerospace education.

Ms. Jeri Martin

Jeri A. Martin was born in 1956 in Milton, Florida. In 1976 she received her associates degree from Florida College in vocational education; in 1978 a bachelors degree in vocational/technical education from the University of West Florida; and in 1986 her masters degree in science education & administration and supervision from NOVA University. She has been a Florida Educator for twenty-eight years and is currently teaching physical science at Thomas L. Sims Middle School in Pace, FL.

In order to enhance the curriculum for her students and to mentor teachers in Northwest Florida, she has participated in numerous aerospace workshops, programs, and projects, which include some of the following:

NASA's Educational Workshop for Math & Science Teachers; Curriculum Designer for the SEDSAT 1 satellite - secondary payload to the Deep Space 1 satellite/Delta II launch at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base; and wrote Aerodynamics curriculum for the National Flight Academy/National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, FL. In addition Ms. Martin has written for and received over $100,000 in grant money for laboratory equipment, rockets, and student project materials.

As Vice President - Aerospace Education for the Hurlburt Air Force Association. She engages and collaborates with local academic leaders to ensure aerospace sciences are a prominent part of each curriculum and available to all school children. She successfully plans, executes, and supervises numerous Aerospace Education programs, some of which are an educator Newsletter, design of an aviation/aerospace curriculum notebook and numerous aviation/aerospace teacher workshops in the Northwest Florida area.

Jeri excels in using small segments of video to capture her students' and fellow teachers' interest while enhancing classroom math, science, and technology skills through WSRE/PBS National Teacher Training Institute as a Master Teacher. She has been employing this highly recognized and educationally based program with her students as well as training other educators for the past eight years.

She has been recognized by many organizations for her work in Aerospace Education among which include the AFA Medal of Merit in 2004 and the George D. Hardy Award for Excellence in Aerospace Education in 2003.

Rol Murrow

William Rollins Murrow ("Rol") has a wide-ranging background in high technology, management, media, and aviation. From initial work assisting in aerospace acoustics he has proceeded through his education and a career in film and video production, theatre operations, and management. Along the way his enthusiasm for aviation led from avocation to advocacy of local airports to vocation.

Rol graduated from the UCLA film school as well as the MBA program and worked on many productions, built a production studio, and operated the celebrated Fox Venice Theatre in Los Angeles. In 1975 he learned to fly in a club at Santa Monica Airport and several years later directed the completion of the Museum of Flying at that airport. He co-founded the Air Care Alliance, an umbrella group for the several dozen volunteer pilot organizations whose members fly to help others. He is a member of EAA and flies Young Eagle missions; belongs to the University Aviation Association; the National Aeronautic Association; Women in Aviation; and the Aero Club of New England, for which he serves as an Advisor. He has earned Commercial, Flight Instructor, and Glider certificates, has logged more than 3,000 flight hours, and owns a vintage 1958 Cessna 172.

From 1991 to 2001 Rol served the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) as the Northeastern Regional Representative. Always enthusiastic about aviation's positive influence on young people he worked with the FAA's Aviation Education Director to form several state aviation education councils, as well as the National Aviation and Space Education Alliance. Through that work he became involved with the National Coalition for Aviation Education (NCAE) and now serves as an officer for it. He is a Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Member.

In 2001 Rol became full time Executive Director of the Wolf Aviation Fund, which provides grants and information promoting and supporting General Aviation. Working with his Trustees the Fund has focused on aviation education as one of its most important core program areas, and it became a sponsor for last year's Leadership Conference for Aviation and Space Education (LCASE) and this year's National Conference on Aviation and Space Education (NCASE).

Rol believes it is through mutually supportive partnerships that we can all help inspire many more children and students through their experiencing the wonders of aviation and space science. He lives and works in the ranching community of Gavilan in Northern New Mexico.

A. Scott Crossfield Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year Award

This prestigious award was first presented in 1986 and has been one of the highlights of every National Conference on Aviation and Space Education. Inspired by the legendary A. Scott Crossfield, this award recognizes and rewards aerospace education K-12 classroom teachers for outstanding accomplishments in aerospace education and for their dedication to the students they teach.

Ricardo V. Soria is a native of San Antonio Texas. He resides in Fort Walton Beach Florida with his wife JoAnn and son, Reid. Rick has an undergraduate degree in Resource Management from Troy University and a graduate degree in Educational Leadership from the University of West Florida. He has seven years of military teaching experience and 12 years of teaching experience in the public school systems. His teaching experience has consisted predominately of aviation / aerospace science and related topics.

Rick has been interested in aviation and aerospace since he was in grade school. He began by building plastic model airplanes and went on to build more and more complex models of varying materials. The research on the “X” planes was in high gear when he was a boy and followed their progress with a voracious appetite. Soon, Rick was following the manned space program. He has had a great fascination and interest in all things dealing with aviation and aerospace my whole life. Teachers who were innovative and creative in his life left a lasting impression. He was presented an opportunity to apply for a position as an AFJROTC Aerospace Science Instructor at a local high school and accepted. The curriculum materials AFJROTC and the Civil Air Patrol produced were outstanding. Rick’s mission in life is to generate excitement in his students in learning and share his passion in aviation and aerospace. As he says:

"In 2004, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) had partnered with our high school (Choctawhatchee HS) to establish a unique educational program. ERAU College professors taught aviation courses in our high school and students earned weighted high school credit and college credit concurrently.

"In 2004 I decided to start an outreach program to inform community schools about the aviation courses we were teaching at our high school. My School principal financially sponsored the first two aviation summer camps for elementary and middle school students.

"By the summer of 2005, the Air Force Association Chapter #398 (Hurlburt Field, FL) and Schaller Engineering stepped forward and agreed to sponsor more student aviation camps and two teacher aviation workshops. By summer of 2006, our sponsors included the Air Force Association Chapter #398 (Hurlburt Field, FL) and Schaller Engineering, the Boeing Company and Jacobs Sverdrup and the local CAP Squadron.

"It has been humbling yet uplifting to work with dedicated sponsors who have the same goals that I have: to educate the citizens of America of the emphasis of science and math in our educational system to assure our continued technological supremacy and national freedom."


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